Book Review: Life after Losing a Child (Young & Romer)

From MidWest Book Review:

Synopsis: "Compiled and co-presented by Pat Young and Joanna Romer, "Life after Losing a Child" tells the poignant stories of a dozen individuals who have suffered the loss of a child. and describes how they learned to heal.

"Life after Losing a Child" shows readers who have suffered the loss of a loved on how to come to grips with the loss and handle the grief; how to engage in activities that help the healing process; and how to find the strength to move on.

Critique: Exceptionally well organized and presented, "Life after Losing a Child" is especially recommended reading for anyone having to deal with the loss of a child -- as well as those wanting to know how they can help someone bereft and grieving the loss of a child. Simply stated, "Life after Losing a Child" should be a part of every community library collection in the country.


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