Happy Birthday to MSI Press Author, Shenan (CB) Leaver


(photo from last year, in anticipation of changing that number this evening from 41 to 42)

November 13 today is CB Leaver's birthday. CB is the MSI Press author of the popular Mommy Poisoned Our House Guest and one of the oldest CHARGE Syndrome adults in the world. He knows only three others world-wide (Ohio, Massachusetts, and Netherlands) who have reached his age of 42 years (one is actually 45, the others are 42, as well) but thinks there may be another one or two somewhere. It is no mere feat, then, that he has survived, and robustly so, after a very tenuous start in life in which he as given 0% chance of survival by well respected doctors at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and rescued by doctors at Children's Hospital in Boston, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Children's National Medical Center, Georgetown University Hospital, and Stanford Children's Medical Center -- it took a countrywide network to turn that 0% into 100%) and no mere feat also that he has pulled off a very humorous book.

He, coincidentally, pals around with another MSI Press author, Sula, parish cat at Old Mission and has met MSI Press author Irit Schaffer (Good Blood) and Thomas Garza (Practices That Work). (Ah, MSI is a family as much as a business.)

Happy birthday, CB, on this Caturday. Keep going strong!!

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