Cancer Diary: Cancer Takes Another Great: Madeleine Albright


Cancer has a way of knocking down the best and the brightest, no matter the fight they put up: Rith Bader Ginsburg, Colin Powell, and so many others. And this week, Madeleine Albright.

Since I used to work at State Department, I saw M. Albright in action. Impressive action, I would add. For a short but impressive biography, click HERE. While she lived a long life and helped many women develop good careers in what are often male roles, one could wish that cancer had tiptoed away and not pushed her out the door. One can always wish...

Unfortunately, this week we learned that another member of our family, like Carl, has been hit with a sudden and late diagnosis of Stage 4 metastatic cancer. Lord, have mercy! Not just for the people but also for the furry critters, like our Murjan and Intrepid, who died from cancer, and three other cats living with us who have survived it--so far.

Finding cures will never be too soon. Finding cancer early is the key for now, and we are heartened by the Mayo's clinic of a blood test that can detect mover than 50 cancers in their earliest stages. Way to go, Mayo!

Blog editor's note: As a memorial to Carl, and simply because it is truly needed, MSI Press is now hosting a web page, Carl's Cancer Compendium, as a one-stop starting point for all things cancer, to make it easier for those with cancer to find answers to questions that can otherwise take hours to track down on the Internet and/or from professionals. The web page is in its infancy but expected to expand into robustness. To that end, it is expanded and updated weekly. As part of this effort, each week, on Monday, this blog will carry an informative, cancer-related story -- and be open to guest posts: Cancer Diary. 

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