Book Alert: 108 Yoga and Self-Self-Care Practices for Busy Mamas

Sent to the printer this week: 108 Yoga and Self-Care Practices for Busy Mamas by yoga instructor and guru Julie Gentile. Already available for pre-order on Barnes & Noble.

As a mama with a life full beyond belief, do you find yourself too busy to take good care of yourself? Whatever your situation, you deserve spectacular health and wellness.
As a mama, your life is full beyond belief, so full that it’s easy for you to forget about self-care. With all of your responsibilities, you’re pressed for time in a major way. But if you don’t take great care of yourself, who will? This guide is your ticket on how to learning to live well as a modern mama.
With Millennial working mama, certified yoga teacher, and widely published author, Julie Gentile, as your personal wellness mentor, this book coaches you along your own authentic wellness path. Using 108 writing prompts and self-care practices, yoga poses, meditation, and breathing exercises, Julie shows you practical ways to become self-care savvy from a fresh perspective that only a modern mama would understand.
·      Dive deep into the sea of self-love.
·      Learn realistic techniques for mothering yourself.
·      Get ready to get real about your wellness.
Today is the day you start taking better care of you. Become the self-care goddess you truly want to be—because you’re worth it!

Julie M. Gentile is a Millennial working mama of two, a 200-hour certified and Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher, an author of numerous health and wellness articles, and a marketing and communications leader. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for a decade and leading yoga classes since 2011. Her journalism background, her passion for inspiring others to live well, and her own self-care journey have shaped her recent work to help others prioritize self-care.

A rich resource for all busy mothers and yoga aficionados -- and anyone interested in learning more about yoga.


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