Author in the News: Julie Gentile Contributes Column on Blissful Breathing to Mindful Movements

Julie Gentile, author of the much-awarded book, 108 Yoga and Self-Care Practices for Busy Mamas, recently wrote a column, "Tune into Your Bliss Breath," for Mindful Movements. In it, she reminds us that every bliss breath is an opportunity to pause and notice, to learn about what helps--and what happens when--you relax.

Read Julie's column to read understand what she means by bliss breath and how it can help you relax. Indeed, this is a welcome post in these stressful times. Many thanks to Julie for sharing it.

About Julie
Julie M. Gentile is a full-time working mama, certified and Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher, author of numerous health and wellness articles, and professional editor and writer. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for a decade and leading yoga classes since 2011. Her journalism background and her own wellness journey have shaped her recent work to inspire others to stand up for their self-care.
Julie’s book, 108 Yoga and Self-Care Practices for Busy Mamas, includes writing prompts, yoga poses, meditations, breathing exercises, and other self-care practices to encourage modern mamas to walk a path of self-love. It was released February 1, 2019.
Follow Julie’s self-care adventures on Instagram and Facebook @juliegtheyogi.

About Julie's book

Mama, do you find yourself too busy to take good care of yourself? Whatever your situation, you deserve spectacular health and wellness. With Julie M. Gentile as your personal wellness mentor, this book coaches you along your own authentic self-care path. Using 108 writing prompts and self-care practices, including yoga poses, meditations, and breathing exercises, Julie shows you practical ways to live well that only a mama modern would understand. Become the self-care goddess you truly want to be—you’re worth it!


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