Why Your Self-Care Can't Wait Until the New Year (guest post by Julie M. Gentile)

When was the last time your mind and body felt amazing, when your thoughts and words flowed effortlessly and you moved energetically and gracefully?

The added stress and pressure during the holiday season from the extra things that need to get done—shop for the perfect gifts and then find time to wrap them, set goals for the New Year and then follow-through with them—make it easy to put off self-care during the busiest time of year.

My question to you: Why wait until January 1 to start taking better care of yourself? Life is happening now. In this very moment, with this very breath.

Thinking that you’ll wait to be happy when you lose weight or you’ll wait to be happy when you have your dream house or you’ll wait to be happy when you retire does not offer you the health and happiness you deserve today. Your self-care can’t wait for you to pay attention to it until tomorrow. Self-care is needed now—your mind and body desperately crave it.

From the list below, choose one self-care practice that resonates with you and that you can realistically begin to do daily in these last few—and busiest—weeks of the year. Your body and mind will thank you for paying attention to them:
·       Go to bed earlier (by 10 pm).
·       Develop a consistent daily routine.
·       Journal.
·       Exercise.
·       Meditate.
·       Eat more fruits and vegetables.
·       Become more gentle, kind and compassionate toward yourself.

The earlier and the more often you prioritize self-care, the better you will feel. Why wait until January 1 to feel good when you can start to feel amazing today?

This article originally appeared on www.juliegtheyogi.com. Reprinted with permission from Julie M. Gentile.

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