Excerpt from Mommy Poisoned Our House Guest (Shenan CB Leaver): There's a Stranger in Mommy's Bed


excerpt from Mommy Poisoned Our House Guest

There's a Stranger in Mommy's Bed

Sometimes Mommy gets really tired. She says that working mothers reach proportions of exhaustion that exceed the imagi­nation. In such cases, what they say and do has little resem­blance to commonsense. I guess that must be right if I judge by my mommy.

For example, let me tell you what happened to her one week­end. Friday evening after a long and frustrating, to say nothing of exhausting, week at work, she fell asleep on the living room sofa. (She does that a lot. She says she is going to watch television, but she never does. She just stares at the screen for a few minutes and then topples over. I have never seen her watch a whole tele­vision show like my siblings and I do.)

Anyway, she did her frequent act of screen staring and top­pling over on the Friday evening I am talking about. My daddy, of course, could not wake her up; he never can when she topples over asleep. So, my sister found her asleep on the couch on Sat­urday morning.

“Mom, wake up!” she said.

“Huh?” Mommy struggled to bring herself back into the world of the living. It really is not very easy to wake up Mommy.

“Mom, Mom! You’re on the couch! Why aren’t you in bed?”

Mommy tried groggily to recall where she was and why.

“Oh, because when I tried to go to bed, there was someone in my bed,” Mommy mumbled and turned over to go back to sleep.

That was a scary thought! My sister crept cautiously into Mommy’s bedroom to see who or what was in the bed.

“Mom, Mom!” My sister had come back and was shaking Mommy, trying to get her to wake up. It is very, very hard to wake up Mommy.

“That’s Dad in the bed!” my sister told her.

“Oh,” Mommy mumbled and turned over to go back to sleep again.

“Mom,” my sister asked with a tone of great surprise. “If you thought there was a stranger in your bed, why didn’t you call the police instead of simply choosing another place to sleep?”



When you are tired, you may not see things as they really are.

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