Julie Gentile: Book Excellence Award Finalist 2019

Congratulations to Julie Gentile, who has been selected as a finalist in the Book Excellence Awards competition.

To read more information about Julie, her book, and her life, click here.

To order Julie's book, visit our webstore: Gentile. The code FF25 will get you a 25% discount as a fan or friend of MSI Press.

Other Book Excellence Award winners among MSI Press authors include:

Nanette Hucknall. How to Live from Your Heart. 

Geri Henderson % Seanne Emerton. Healing from Incest

Irit Schaffer. Good Blood

Joanna Charnas. !00 Tips ad Tools for Managing Chronic Illness

All Book Excellence Award books are available from the MSI Press webstore at 25% discount, using the code FF25.


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