Grandma's Ninja Warrior Diary: Food for Energy

It seems that sometimes I get tired --- less so from physical workouts (those are often pick-me-ups) but more as the day goes on and I am not continuing with the physical activity but having to do real work, as in, the kinds of things you do to earn a living. Since I am still trying to lose weight, sigh!, I figured there might be some foods I could pull into a diet that would up the energy level.

Just in case, someone has an image of me hanging out in bed or developing a best-friend relationship with my pillow, I should explain that I usually outlast anyone who works with me, and I get called the energizer bunny a lot. Still, the energizer bunny's battery does eventually run down, as does mine. So, I am looking for a battery extender fueled by diet.

Here is what I learned:

  • Lemon water for breakfast. This is a good one for me because of my GERD. Yes, it sounds counterproductive to be adding acid to my diet rather than avoiding it, but everything I read and everything doctors tell me point to the need to keep a little acid in the system, especially first thing in the morning (apple cider vinegar, one teaspoon in water is an alternative). Lemon water, for me, is the best because in addition to the energy and the acid, it is supposed to prompt weight loss (emphasis on "supposed to") -- and I have a lemon tree in the background that is both pregnant and delivering year round, so cheap, too. And adding mint? Yum. Limonad bi nana (mint lemonade was my favorite drink when I lived in the Middle East) -- and I have mint in the back yard, too! Here is a comprehensive article on lemon water.
  • Eggs. Well, I like them but they don't particularly like me. Still. once or twice a week, what the heck! I can enjoy them and appreciate the batter extension.
  • Nuts. Yes! I am nuts about nuts. Between my love of avocados and my addiction to nuts, my good cholesterol is at the very top of the charts. Guess I am getting energy food without knowing it.
  • Fruits and veggies. That would include my avocado. I suppose I should expand the collections in my fruit bowl and veggie drawer.
  • Unprocessed foods. Let's see...that's fruit and vegetables again, right?
  • Lean proteins, complex carbs, spinach...hmm...sorta matches that diet my fitness trainer gave me back when I started. So, okay, back to day 1. The phoenix must rise again.

Eating this stuff is not the problem; I like it all. Remembering to eat it (and not other stuff) is the problem because, you see, I do like that other stuff!


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